Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery performed on the NHS includes 1Year preoperative and 2 years of post-operative care. This allows for safe and effective management under a multidisciplinary specialist team. Two years after surgery a decision is made to transfer care to primary care if the patient is deemed to be stable and suitable for care under NICE/BOMSS guidelines.

Patients treated privately in the UK should receive this postoperative care from their private provider for 2 years at which point care can be transferred to primary care (general practice) in the same way as for this who have undergone NHS surgery. We will not accept transfer of care before the two-year point, and we will not undertake the regular blood tests required in this period.

For patients who choose to pay to have surgery abroad please be aware that the one-year preoperative process on the NHS is in place for a reason and improves effectiveness of the weight loss process long term NHS bariatric services are not able to provide routine follow up to patients who have had their surgery privately in the UK or overseas. You will need to seek a private service in order to obtain the safety monitoring of nutritional status postoperatively for a two-year period.

Wem and Prees surgery will not undertake any blood test monitoring for bariatric surgery for a period of two years in accordance with NICE clinical guideline 189.