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Chronic Disease Management / Birth Month Review

Chronic diseases are long term health conditions that are generally progressive. Some diseases are managed by a specialist nurse, such as Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Hypertension; whilst others are managed by our GP's such as Depression and Osteoporosis. These are not exhaustive and we provide care for a wide variety of conditions. All patients currently on a chronic disease register will be invited for an annual review within their birth month.

Maternity Services

The practice will be delighted to look after you throughout your pregnancy and after. We run antenatal clinics and the community midwife is on duty at the surgery every Thursday afternoon for appointments. 6-Week checks are carried out at the surgery during the post natal appointments. The health visitor can also be contacted if you have concerns about pre-school children on 0333 358 3654.

Childhood Diseases

Routine childhood immunisations are carried out to the recommended schedule. The local Health Visitor team is available at the Child Health Clinic telephone the first point of contact on– 0333 358 3654.

Family Planning and Sexual Health 

All the doctors and nurses at the practice are fully qualified to give full family planning advice, from contraception to pre-pregnancy planning.  All advice is strictly confidential.

Although ideally anyone under 16 years should discuss these matters with their parents we will always see any young person in complete privacy if they wish to discuss personal matters relating to their health needs including contraception and advice regarding abortion and sexual health.

Alternatively please click the following link to be re-directed to sexual health services available in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.


We are able to provide advice and information on the many forms of contraception thereby enabling you to select the form which is most compatible with your needs.

Well Woman

For any problems that you wish to discuss, i.e. breast lumps, healthy heart, weight reduction, cervical smears etc. make an appointment with one of our nurses or doctors.

Cervical Smears

Please discuss with the doctor or nurse if you are unsure whether one is required; recommended every 3 years from 20 – 50years and then every 5 years (until 65) unless there are any previous abnormalities.

Well Man

Discuss with one of our nurses/doctors any problems concerning weight reduction, healthy heart, any lumps or bumps. Arrange an appointment through reception.


Gay/Lesbian patients are welcome. Confidentiality is assured at all times but any concerns regarding this, record keeping or other concerns regarding health issues of specific concern to gay people can be discussed.

Minor Surgery

Some minor surgical procedures are able to be carried out at the surgery in our treatment room ; we have electrocautery and cryocautery equipment plus an operating couch for minor procedures including the removal of lumps and bumps and the insertion of various contraceptive implants. Appointments need to be made in advance after discussion with the doctor or nurse concerned.


  • Tetanus – Booster every 10 years, up to 5 per lifetime (less for farm workers).
  • Others – Consult with the practice nurse.

Wax build up - Ear Syringe advice and service

After a recent review of our activity with regards to ear syringing, and the availability of trained staff to carry out this procedure we have decided to cease offering ear syringing to patients, unless specifically requested by audiology services. This means that we will no longer be able to offer you an ear syringe appointment. 

Due to availability of trained staff to carry out ear syringing procedures we have ceased offering ear syringing to patients, unless specifically requested by audiology services. Whilst we do not recommend any individual organisation, for your convenience we have provided a list of several local providers that we are aware of who provide ear syringing privately, and we attach details of these for you to contact should you wish to.

Please also find attached the advice for treating ear wax using softening drops which if applied regularly for several weeks can resolve the problem without the need for a syringe.

Private Facilities